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Locations-Select Your Safari: Dry Season or Inexperienced Season

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The dry season is the preferred season to go on safari for good cause. Throughout this time, wildlife gathers close to the few water sources accessible, making animals simpler to identify. The dearth of vegetation permits for wonderful visibility, and you’ll see for miles out over the barren plains and open savannas. The local weather in the course of the dry season is normally very nice, with gentle days and cooler evenings. Plus, decrease humidity means fewer bugs. The dry season, total, is a improbable time to go to Africa.

The inexperienced season, nonetheless, which falls between or after the rains, is what we name Africa’s “secret season.” That is the season of latest life, colourful wildflowers, beautiful skies, and luxurious landscapes. Throughout the inexperienced season, wildlife takes benefit of latest vegetation that turns the dry savanna into lush grasslands. Waterholes and rivers replenish, permitting animals to unfold out throughout the land. Throughout the inexperienced season, new births fill the panorama with child fawns, foals, calves, and cubs. On the similar time, predators reap the benefits of weak new infants, so dramatic searching scenes typically transpire in entrance of safari-goers. Migrant birds arrive by the hundreds to take up residence among the many full lakes and lagoons. For photographers, the inexperienced season provides one of the best mild and extremely colourful picture alternatives. Skies are crammed with golden rays, there are eye-popping colours created by rain-washed air, and cloud-dappled sunsets accompany day’s finish. However, presumably the most important draw of the inexperienced season? Fewer guests and higher offers!

In abstract, right here’s what you possibly can anticipate from every season.

Dry Season

  • Wonderful, unobstructed wildlife viewing
  • Nice, gentle climates with fewer bugs and fewer humidity
  • Bigger crowds and doubtlessly greater costs

Inexperienced Season

  • Colourful landscapes bursting with flowers, child animals, and migratory birds
  • Dramatic skies and lighting—excellent for images
  • Extra dispersed wildlife viewing, however with fewer crowds and higher offers


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