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RTFKT Air Force 1 shoe Dominating the Phygital Future?

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The metaverse is seriously giving us a glimpse of what the future holds. And one of the strongest players we saw growing stronger on the market is RTFKT studios. Yep, it’s the same studio that Nike acquired in 2021. Now, the sneaker industry is as booming as ever, but NFTs are there too! And now the RTFKT Air Force 1 release is connecting both the physical and digital worlds in the best way. So let’s check out what this is all about because it’s totally gonna be worth it!

CloneX Forging SZN 1 – What’s That?

Before we get into all the release details, you gotta know what the Clone X project is all about. You can rest easy though; we covered the whole thing right here! And now that you’re familiar with the whole deal let’s check out what’s up with Forging SZN 1. Here’s a video that explains the basic concept of Forging!


Okay, discussion time! If you managed to get yourself a Clone X avatar, then you’ll wanna hear this. Different collections were available for the NFT owners to forge. These different collections are based on the different CloneX DNAs: Human, Alien, Reptile, Robot, Undead, Angel, Demon, and Murakami. Now, each collection features different clothing items like hoodies, pants, jackets, caps, and even socks. And once you forge these babies, you can have a physical hoodie! But guess what the highlight of the collection is? You guessed it: the RTFKT Air Force 1!

So, What’s Up With the RTFKT Air Force 1?

What better than digital sneakers? Having them as physical kicks too! And that’s exactly what the new RTFKT Air Force 1 is all about! For now, the kicks are digital only, but odds are we’re gonna get a physical pair. You know, they wouldn’t push the phygital concept if it wasn’t a prospect! And RTFKT already has a history of dropping physical kicks!

For example, the Space Drip collection included an actual physical pair of RTFKT Air Force 1. Anyway, because of that, it’s definitely possible for the new kicks to become physical. And if you’re wondering how the sneakers’ rarity works, well, that’s kinda simple! If you have a rare NFT like the Takashi Murakami CloneX, you can get the super exclusive Murakami RTFKT Air Force 1!

Looking for Something Beyond the RTFKT Air Force 1?

If you’re still on the edge when it comes to NFTs, why not check out another possible venture? For example, the sneaker industry is definitely here for you! Not only can you build a hot sneaker collection and earn flex right. You can also start a sneaker reselling business and make a lot of profit! Because who knew that a side hustle can be this profitable? And if you wanna get into all that and more, make sure you check out our blog! Godspeed

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