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Lifestyle–Outdoor Celebration Essentials

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Celebrate the small things. That was some advice that I received in line at the grocery store one day. I was tired, had 4 kids in toe, one crawling under the checkout, one eyeing up the candy, one swinging on the cart and of course one my in arms. As I was trying to empty the contents of my cart onto the checkout I got a tap on my shoulder. I was sure that someone was going to tell me one of my kids was escaping out the back, but instead it was someone telling me that I was doing great. She said if you can take four kids to the grocery store unscathed that was something to celebrate.

Graduating from elementary school to middle school is also no easy feat – especially given the circumstances of the past few years. My second oldest is about to reach this milestone and I wanted to make sure he felt celebrated. As I was shopping for customizable photo gifts at Shutterfly (I did stop short of getting my son’s face printed on a towel), it was easy to go down the rabbit hole that Shutterfly has to celebrate any occasion. I quickly realized they had all that and the CUTEST outdoor decor in their new partnership with Spoonflower. The collection includes over 2,000 unique designs from over 150 independent artist. While I was shopping for one party in particular, these are items I can use for outdoor celebrations and parties all season long. They have an incredible selection of home decor including the perfect variety of table top items to help throw an outdoor party. From customizable banners to melamine plates, it was a one stop shop for my party planning.

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Framed Filmstrip Bunting Banner

I knew I could just get the basic congratulations sign, but I wanted this occasion to be something he would remember and something I could save for years to come. All I did was find a few favorite photos and Shutterfly did the rest. The first photo is my son on his first day of kindergarten… #melt.

Custom Banner

Alum Year Selfie Frame

Because you all know I love a good selfie, I couldn’t help myself. This personalized frame was a hit with my boys and all of the graduates in the neighborhood – I fully plan on bringing it to the bus stop on the last day of school as it’s a fun prop that creates memories for a lifetime.

Celebrate and Serve In Style

Easy snacks and pretty plates make the day more festive. I wasn’t all surprised to find stylish serving trays and monogrammed plates at Shutterfly. These are pieces I will use all summer long.

Personalized Cutting Board

In my search for the perfect party supplies this personalized bamboo wood cutting board caught my eye. I loved that Shutterfly offers the option of engraving anything from names to thoughtful messages. And in this case I choose my personal motto….Gouda Vibes! This also makes the best gift – you can choose any word/phrase so get creative or go classic.

Time To Sit Back and Relax

Colorful throw pillows and a throw/picnic blanket make any outdoor space more comfortable and inviting.

Now, who is ready to go back to middle school so we can graduate elementary school all over again?!

Hahaha not a chance! Good luck kids…. been there done that.

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