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Kanye Leaves Adidas?! Are The Brands at a Fork in the Road?

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Is it almost the end of an era? Is the mighty Kanye x Adidas partnership coming to an end after a decade of hot collabs? Well, the story is much deeper than a little rumor. So today, we’re going to unwrap all the layers behind this complicated relationship! But if you don’t know the whole backstory, make sure you check out this Yeezy history guide. That way, you’ll be up to date on what’s going down in 2022 especially if Kanye leaves Adidas! Now let’s get into the whole story and find out what’s up (or down in this case.)

How Did the Collab Start – A Quick Yeezy Adidas Recap

Things were going downhill with Nike and Kanye, and that became public knowledge. You know, Kanye never was the one to hide what he was thinking and not voice his opinions. And he thought he wasn’t getting royalties. So he goes on and signs with Adidas who was willing to give him the royalties he deserves as a “family man.” So in November 2013, Kanye announced the Adidas partnership, and the sneaker industry lost it! But well, the honeymoon phase apparently doesn’t last long because 2022 is all about drama.

So, What’s Going on Between Kanye and Adidas in 2022?

The partnership is on the verge of becoming a decade old! However, drama has been building for a while now. And we’re gonna take a look at how things have been unfolding lately. But before we get into all that drama, we’d just like to mention that Ye’s currently happy that Kete is no more! Kinda irrelevant to the sneaker industry, but we know how Kanye’s mood affects it, right?

Adidas Is Throwing Shade by Dropping Similar Kicks?

Aww man, if you haven’t been following, allow us to enlighten you! So Kanye’s frustration with the three stripes was growing for a while. First, they started throwing shade with their release of the Adidas Adilettes that kinda look (a lot) like Yeezy Slides. However, that could easily pass as a coincidence… if we didn’t have rumors of the Adidas Foam Runner! You can read all about the whole controversy (and Ye’s opinion about it) right here.

Yeezy Day Mess

We all felt the Yeezy Day heat with all the restocks and new releases. Some of us took Ls, some made it through with a couple of pairs. But Yeezy Day came and went, and Kanye was not having any of it. So in a typical Kanye way, he takes to Instagram and rants! According to him, Adidas created Yeezy Day without his permission. They brought back old kicks, stole his colorways, and named them all without his permission!

Oh, and he also accused Adidas of hiring people to work with him… also without his permission. He also ranted about Adidas acting funny about his Yeezy Gap partnership. And finally, he said that Yeezys make up 68% of Adidas’ online sales. So it’s kinda safe to assume that Kanye is not happy (understatement of the year).

Kanye Leaves Adidas? Why Is the Brand Still with Him?

Before we go into the details, we’d like to talk about Ye’s previous shenanigans. A while after the Kimye divorce, Kanye went off on social media to diss Pete Davidson! So much drama unfolded, and it really was dramatic. However, Adidas stuck its ground and kept its ties with Kanye!

But what’s changing now? It seems like Adidas is slowly pulling the rug from under Kanye. And it also seems that Kanye knows it. So why is it not happening? Well, it’s worth the mention that the Adidas x Yeezy contract ends on 2026. Maybe the parties are just waiting the contract out?

What Will Happen If Kanye Leaves Adidas?

Ha! Asking the right question now! If Kanye leaves Adidas, it’s gonna be Air Yeezys all over again. When a pair of kicks is out of production, it’s immediately a must-have! So we can expect resale prices to skyrocket if the split becomes a real thing. In the meantime though, we recommend you start copping Yeezys if you’re not already doing it. Who knows? They might become super valuable later on!

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