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Destinations-Hidden Delights of Slovenia

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Our trip across Slovenia turned up surprises from beginning to end. Mountains to caves to lakes to forests to the seashore.

We met our Wilderness Travel Trip Leaders Ingrid and Nena in the capital city of Ljubljana. The next day, after a beautiful hike through the mountains and lunch at a local farmhouse, we headed to Ptuj (pronounced “pee-too-ee”), the oldest town in the country.

This charming town was also one of the largest cities in Europe, rivaling London during the days of the Roman Empire.

Oh, and it also has some of the oldest wines! We learned about the different varietals and enjoyed a wine tasting in an atmospheric cave beneath our Hotel Mitra.

A beautiful day in Solčava took us to this panoramic trail in the Alps, then down into the valley to Hotel Plesnik in Logarska Dolina.

Rinka Falls was our next stop. We continued higher to the “eagle’s nest,” perched on the cliffs above the falls, then higher still into a snowy forest, which was a beautiful first—even for Ingrid, our guide!

At the summit, we enjoyed sipping hot tea and snacking on blueberry strudel at a rustic shelter.

We headed up to Austria for a day, then back into Slovenia to Lake Bled, with its picturesque island and gondolas.

Our gondolier learned his trade early, starting with his own small boat when he was only seven years old!

Slovenia was consistently surprising us with a wide variety of scenery and landscapes.

We set out for a unique walk in the forest of Triglav National Park after our snowy peak and Lake Bled gondolas. From there, we continued on to explore forest canopies on our way to Bovec hotel, with its sweeping views of the Julian Alps.

On our way to Kobarid to visit the WWI Museum, we got our first glimpses of the blue-green rivers! The color was unlike anything we’d ever seen.

We enjoyed a night at Hiša Franko, a famous restaurant and inn. It was an experience our group will never forget.

Hosted by owner and master chef, Ana Roš, and her husband, we had one of the best meals ever. I did not want to spoil the moment by taking photos during dinner, but believe me when I say “wow!” The meal was terrific!

Our trip concluded in Piran, part of Slovenia’s small coastline, and another unique environment of salt flats and seafood.

As with every stop on the trip, we had a new experience learning, seeing, eating, and enjoying the moment. A great trip with our new Wilderness Travel friends.

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