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Lifestyle–Wellness Gift Guide

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Top Wellness Gifts

Maybe it’s surprising that a tech gift has made it’s way to the top of our list – or maybe it isn’t – but this Hatch Restore alarm clock is pretty life-changing. When I make my way to bed I give it a tap and the reading light goes on. I subscribed to the meditation offering through the app, so after another tap the sleep mediation begins. After that – soft white noise all night. When it is time to wake up the light will start to glow softly and then more brightly – like the sun rising. And then, I wake to birds chirping. I mean come on, how amazingly peaceful is that!

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Active Wellness Gifts

Getting in a good run, yoga session or anything to move to my body always makes me feel at my best. I’ve been relying on good weather and my Bulldog yoga subscription to get me through. If you have not tried Bulldog yoga you can get a free trial by signing up here. And for my favorite running playlists + sneakers click here. We found a few other fun active wellness gifts to get you and your family moving.

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Kitchen Wellness Gifts

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with my Always Pan. Maybe it’s the chic color or the cute resting nest for the spatula or that it has a non-toxic, non stick ceramic coating, but I am pretty positive it’s the ease of clean up that is really reason I love it so much. I have bought one for pretty much every member of my extended family because it is that good. Be sure to use code MOTHERCHIC10 for a discount on the always favorite Always Pan.

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Fragrance & Relaxation Wellness Gifts

It’s true that scents can be transportive. And since I am not traveling anywhere for the time being I am happy to use my sense of smell to imagine for a few moments. Pop on the diffuser and a warm neck wrap and instantly I feel like I am in a spa – even if my kids are “attempting” karaoke in the basement. Good singing doesn’t quite run in our family, but you get the point. I included meditation cards for kids that may help them to find some calm.

Bed & Bath Wellness Gifts

As I said earlier wellness can be lifestyle and if you are bath person I am totally jealous of your lifestyle. But there are other bed and bath wellness gifts that you can give that don’t involve a tub. Luxe towels for one is a great gift – but we rounded up a few other ideas below.

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