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Yeezy 350 Slate shoe Bringing Out the Best of Classic Designs!

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Sometimes, it’s just nicer to stick to classics. Not that we hate new designs and creative takes on kicks. But some sneakers just give us this amazing nostalgic feel. You know, the industry may not be as glorious as it once was in terms of hype and exclusivity. However, that doesn’t mean your sneakers and fit can’t be! That’s exactly why you should check out the upcoming Yeezy 350 Slate. It’s the perfect blend of classic 350s that we love with a typical Kanye-ish color palette!

Yeezy 350 Slate – The Stripe Is Back!

Before we start discussing the new Yeezys, make sure you know your Yeezy history, it’ll come in handy! And if you’re already familiar with it all, then you’ll definitely remember the stripe era. It all started with the OG Yeezy 350 V2, the very popular Beluga! The pair featured an orange side stripe with SPLY-350 on there. That design appeared in multiple colorways on different occasions. However, we stopped seeing it on newer models because Ye was going through different creative processes.

Anyway, 2022 seems to be the stripe renaissance year, and we’re all here for it! The new Yeezy 350 Slate features a neutral beige Primeknit upper as usual. However, the classic side stripe is back in black with SPLY-350 in beige. The shell will also come in the same shade of beige with the Boost soles underneath. So it kinda feels like we’re going back in time! And that’s not necessarily a bad thing this time.

Release Info

Yeezy 350 Slate will come just in time for you to kickstart the fall season with the right drip. The kicks will drop on September 3, 2022, as far as rumor has it! These babies will retail for $230, which will apparently become the “usual” retail price of the silhouette. But that’s okay because the Slate 350s are worth $400+ on the resale market. So as far as profit goes, you can make some decent money by flipping multiples!

You All Wanna Cop Yeezy 350 Slate! Don’t You?

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