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Lifestyle–Baseball Gear My Kids Love

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Top 10 Things My Boys Love For Baseball

Rawlings Baseball Glove- Whether your baseball lover is having a catch in the backyard or waiting to catch a popup from the outfield, a great glove is a must! The more broken in the better. The Rawlings glove is a quick and easy break-in so the kids can be ready come game time!

SKLZ Reactive Catch Trainer- You might have looked at this and thought “what in the world is that?” This was new to me too, but such a great tool for all types of sports. It can even make for a fun game. Keep the glove handy and toss the catch trainer to your player and call out a color for them to catch!

Franklin Sports MLB Teeball Batting Gloves– Something for the littles. My youngest is in his first season of teeball and wants all the cool gear just like his big brothers! A pair of batting gloves will make him or her feel like a pro!

Sports Sunglasses– Don’t let a little sun-glare be the reason your baseball lover misses the ball. These sports sunglasses are lightweight, designed to stay in place and come in at a price point that can’t be beat!

Baseball Display Case- Every hit might not be a home run but my boys love having a place to display the balls for when they do hit one!

EvoShield Sliding Mitt- This might look like your oven mitt, at least that is what I tell my son. But these mitts are all the rage. Used to protect the players hands and fingers when sliding. (Note to self…get more stain spray for their pants!)

Pro Style Batting Tee– My youngest may still be using the Fisher Price Batting Tee but the other 3 have quickly grown into using this one. It’s adjustable, durable and won’t tip. A great piece of equipment for practice time!

Easton Backback– With all that gear the kids need a great bag to store it in! Easton’s Game Ready backpack has a main storage that can fit a helmet and glove while the two side mesh pockets can fit their bats and/or water bottle.

Rawlings Batting Helmet– Whatever the sport, I am all about the protection. A good batting helmet is essential for when your slugger steps up to plate. Even the little sluggers need a helmet too!

Easton Pro-Eyeblack (or this one arrives faster)- I have a love hate relationship with eyeblack. I know it serves a purpose, my boys like it but geesh, what a mess! If only they would wear the stickers!

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