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Sooo… Custom Yeezys Are Unofficially a Thing for Fans Now?

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Just when we thought the era of customizable sneakers ended, we get an interesting surprise! Did you ever consider owning custom Yeezys? Well, if you didn’t before today, you certainly will now. So, will you get your own custom kicks if you had the chance? Let’s find out what went down along with a quick recap on the history of customizable sneakers! But in case you’re a sucker for classics and OGs, we got you. The upcoming Yeezy 350 Slate and orange Lobster Dunks are totally down your alley!

Where Did Custom Kicks Start?

The story actually dates back to the 60s! Little do people know that Vans was the brand that accidentally set the customization standards we have today. It kinda helped that the factory was right next to the retail store. And when people wanted a pair of special Vans, they simply got them! You can read more about how Vans pioneered the customization movement here. Mind you, you can still customize your sneakers easily on the Vans website! It’s actually one of the most comprehensive customizers among sneaker brands.

Now, although Vans kickstarted the movement, other brands also did some great work. The most noticeable work was obviously by Nike which launched NikeID in 2000. Of course, the Swoosh is always following the trends and riding the waves early on, including this. And eventually, what started as a website feature became 100 stores worldwide. Fast forward to 2019, and Nike rebranded the platform and introduced Nike By You! Check this out if you wanna know more about the project.

Custom Yeezys – Unofficially Cool!

As much as we want this to be official, it’s not. The website is the brainchild of the developer, designer, and Yeezy fan Hunter Martin! Although we’re getting some cool variations from the original source, it’s fun to have the creative freedom to do more. Moreover, this website is pretty comprehensive because it actually links you to the real deal! It’s not Kanye-approved yet, but we certainly hope he does.

Anyway, back to the custom Yeezys talk. On the website, you go to the style section and design your own Yeezys. Hold your horses though, because there are only 3 different silhouettes that you can currently style. Yeezy 500, Foam Runners, and Slides! And here comes the real hit: you can’t actually buy your design. It’s just a concept design by Hunter Martin… so far.

Would You Want in on Custom Yeezys?

It’s a pretty cool idea to have the chance to own 1-of-1 custom Yeezys. And since Ye stayed true to his “Yeezys for everyone” promise, why not step into the next level? We’re definitely excited for what the future holds for Yeezys. Who knows? Maybe if Kanye ever leaves Adidas, we’ll get to experience Yeezy design hands-on.

In the meantime, we still have to wait for Yeezy drops! And to catch the coolest ones, you’ll still have to have a great sneaker bot to cop. So if you’re interested in getting Yeezys for retail, make sure you get a good all-in-one bot like NSB. But you should also keep in mind that you’ll need proxies and servers. And if you’re still fresh in the industry, this botting guide will break the ice for you! Godspeed

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