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Mandelic Acid for Acne Scars – How it Works

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We’ve all felt that annoying feeling when something appears on our faces that isn’t a big smile.

Sure, we’ve all had one form of acne or another! However, what do we do when the “pimple party” is over and we are now facing the lasting effects of having less than picture-perfect skin?

With today’s technology and dermatological breakthroughs, you can now face your existing acne problems head-on and take care of acne scarring at home with treatments such as safe chemical peels, skin creams, and manual exfoliation.

Today, we are going to talk about the use of mandelic acid for acne scars which is derived from almonds, and its use for treating acne scarring!


  • What is Mandelic Acid?
  • Mandelic Acid: How It Can Improve Your Acne Scars
  • How is mandelic acid different from other skincare acids?
    • Doesn’t neutralize
    • Readily Available
    • Promotes Collagen Production

What is Mandelic Acid?

One of the biggest winners in the fight against acne scarring is the at-home chemical peels for acne scars. Utilizing a variety of acne-fighting acids, not only can these formularies help you keep up with your clear skin but they can also help you remove old scarring from doing what your mother told you not to do – popping that pimple!

A new player on the scene is mandelic acid. Yes, we all know that you know about salicylic acid and its effects on current acne breakouts. However, once the damage has already been done, mandelic acid is the perfect alpha-hydroxy acid to reduce dark spots and resurface the skin!

Mandelic Acid: How It Can Improve Your Acne Scars

Promoting the turnover of cells is essential when it comes to minimizing acne scarring. This is what new cells do. Like new skin! That means that they don’t have all of the free-radical and manual damage that your old skin does. Using an AHA like mandelic acid not only helps free your skin from dead cells by performing a chemical exfoliation, but it also has the tendency to brighten it up! This means that all of those spots of hyperpigmentation will be gone with repeated use.

Another benefit of using a mandelic acid solution to get rid of acne scarring is its effect on cell exfoliation. If you think about your ordinary, everyday scab (We know, gross!) you will realize that it is your body throwing a bunch of stuff to the top of your skin to protect it. This includes blood cells and skin cells that are creating a type of protective barrier on your skin so that new skin cells can form. Nowadays, acne scarring treatment cream, which can be used according to the instructions, is especially effective.

However, once you damage your skin, sometimes your body will add more skin cells than are needed under that scab. That’s what causes scars to be raised. You can also create that same effect by picking your acne. A great way to undo the damage is using mandelic acid to slough off a lot of the damaged cells to create a more healthy and smooth landscape for your skin!

How is mandelic acid different from other skincare acids?

So, you ask, what makes mandelic acid different from other facial skincare acids? Good question. Here we will expand on what the mandelic acid difference is…

Mandelic acid is nearly foolproof! As a result of its larger molecular composition, it cannot sink to the lower skin layers. This means that even if you slathered a ton of it on your acne scarring (which we don’t recommend), it won’t be sitting far below the surface doing a ton of damage! Likewise, it is also one of the more milder forms of AHA’s that pack a lot of punch.

When you apply mandelic acid, you will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation, but for most people, it’s slightly uncomfortable. It’s not like your face is on fire! You won’t be running to the sink to put your face out!

Doesn’t neutralize

Another great benefit of mandelic acid is that it can stay on your skin for the allotted time and not have to be neutralized when you are done with your treatment. This means that it’s far fewer steps to find your way to acne scar-free skin! Other acids, such as glycolic acid, need to have their temperature turned down by a neutralizer. Mandelic acid needs no assistance other than water to turn down its temperature.

Readily Available

Likewise, mandelic acid is readily available if you know where to look. As a milder (and virtually idiot-proof) acid, it’s not regulated by the FDA, so that means that you can purchase it in most places without an esthetician license. It’s readily available online and in a lot of aesthetic stores! This is a win-win for those of you that don’t exactly have a beauty operator license in your back pocket.

Promotes Collagen Production

One of the other benefits of mandelic acid is that it promotes collagen production. Collagen and elastin are the two elements of the skin that we lose as we age. The depletion of these substances is what causes wrinkles. Using mandelic acid will not only get rid of those annoying acne scars but will also help you look younger! Yay!

The takeaway

In essence, if you are seeking to put a new face on those old acne scars, you can do no better than to apply a mandelic acid solution and watch it work wonders! Not only is this AHA a miracle worker, but it’s also one of the best beauty breakthroughs of today’s times!

If you’re seeking to reduce hyperpigmentation, smooth the surface, and prevent future breakouts, then mandelic acid for acne scars is a must-have in your medicine cabinet! Take off that foundation and show the world your lovely and glowing skin after a few treatments with mandelic acid!

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