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So… Can We Talk About the New Balance Protection Pack?

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We all know how New Balance made a spectacular entrance into the hype sneaker scene. From epic collabs to runway appearances, the industry certainly loved every moment of it! But the biggest comeback has been for the NB 2002R. This silhouette certainly gives off 2000s vibes, and we’re all here for it. But why is the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack extra cool? And why should you care? Let’s break it down together and see why it’s an underrated must-have!

A Brief History of NB2002 and How It Got the R!

Whether you’re new or a sneaker-veteran, you’re definitely familiar with New Balance. The brand has a very long history but the last few years were life-changing for it! You can read all about that here. However, one of the most interesting silhouettes is NB2002. Although it came out back in 2010, it didn’t garner enough popularity to stay afloat. So, New Balance had to do what they gotta do and discontinued the line.

Fast forward to 2021, and the brand is getting some very good exposure, and the collabs are rolling! So naturally, New Balance chose their high moment to revive the 2002. But this time, the kicks became “New Balance 2002R” with R for Revival probably? And the silhouette started getting its own share of collabs, and one of them is the cool Salehe Bembury NB2002R!

How Did the Protection Pack Come Out?

Later on, one NB designer, Yue Wu, came up with a brilliant idea. Why not give the silhouette that wear-and-tear feel? We all sometimes fall into the loop of not wanting to ruin new shoes! So he went one and tore up that upper, and gave us the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack. And apparently, he doesn’t like the fact that the kicks got that name.

New Balance 2002R Protection Pack & The Future

So these babies dropped in 2021, and they were a huge success. For example, the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Phantom colorway, is worth almost 2x its retail price! Now before you feel like you missed your shot at owning (or flipping) one of these performance kicks, read on. There are multiple colorways that seem to be coming our way really soon, you can check them out here:

NB 2002R Protection Pack Arctic Grey
Avg. Resale: $260

NB 2002R Protection Pack Pink
Avg. Resale: $288

NB 2002R Protection Pack Vintage Orange
Avg. Resale: $200

NB 2002R Protection Pack Dark Navy
Avg. Resale: 

How to Catch the New 2002R Protection Pack?

If you’re a fan of the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack, you’ll be happy to know that it’s far from over! So, getting a great all-in-one bot like NSB sounds like a great idea right now. It’s one of the best sneaker bots out there and it’s been around long enough to catch the hottest drops! And if you’re new to the sneaker botting world, make sure you check out this botting guide. It’ll include all the pointers you need to get the right proxies, servers, and more! Godspeed

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