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Clone X by RTFKT shoe An NFT Collection Worth Looking Into!

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Today, we’re gonna discuss one of the coolest and most eye-pleasing NFT collections out there. Clone X kinda set the bar high for all types of NFT artwork, no jokes! Anyway, good art isn’t the only reason this collection is a success. And we’re gonna discuss all the elements that made Clone X as hot as it is today. But before we launch into our story, make sure you check out the previous collections we covered:

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Before the Clones, What Is RTFKT Studios?

Although we already covered RTFKT here, a recap can never hurt. RTFKT studios is a digital NFT studio that launched cool sneakers which caught lots of attention. We’d also like to mention that RTFKT managed to make its name in the virtual world using many methods. First off, they were among the first to bridge the gap between physical and virtual worlds. Their virtual sneakers and apparel certainly caused a wave of hype!

Next up, they scored some lit a$$ collabs with big names in pop culture. For example, who doesn’t know who Jeff Staples and Takashi Murakami are today? Exactly. In fact, Nike was so impressed with RTFKT’s work that they ended up acquiring the brand! However, we’ll get back to this later on. For now, we’re gonna focus on one of the studio’s best NFT works: Clone X. But if you wanna read about 

Clone X – An Overview

Clone X is an NFT collection of 20,000 algorithmically generated 3D avatars. They’re much more than PFPs, although these on their own could be a win. Anyway, owners of these avatars can actually use them as skin in the Metaverse and so on. 10,000 avatars were available in a 2-day pre-sale for existing RTFKT NFT owners. The other 10,000 avatars publicly launched 2 days later!

But do you know what the coolest thing about the collection is? It’s that this collection is the product of Takashi Murakami’s collab with RTFKT! He actually designed the different Clone X elements. The collection included different types of Clones: human, robot, angel, demon, reptile, undead, alien, and Murakami himself! Naturally, the rarity of these NFTs varies depending on their attributes. And you can check that using rarity tools.


At the time of writing, there are 19.5k items on the market, with 9.5k unique owners. People traded a total volume of 221.6k ETH. And finally, the floor price of the collection is 9.67 ETH (almost $14,700 at the time we wrote the post!) The most expensive Clone X so far is Clone #4594! The last sale happened at 450 ETH ($683,964).

Final Thought on Clone X

It’s worth mentioning that Nike acquired RTFKT two weeks after the launch of Clone X. So obviously, the swoosh recognized success when they saw it. And indeed, it’s one of the projects that overcame the NFT crash that happened a couple of months ago! And if you wanna know more about it, make sure you read this. Godspeed

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