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Lifestyle–My Quarantine Story – Christine’s Perspective

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Similar to Lindsey, I have been dealing with anxiety for years now. In terms of coping with it I do talk to a therapist (she has been absolutely wonderful!) along with meditating, exercise, and certain techniques when I feel an attack coming on. My anxiety has been a little heightened between balancing our work and Mason, but over the past few weeks we have made schedules and try our best to communicate as clear as we can. When John still had to go into his office and make visits to doctors’ offices to make sure they were up & running with Telemedicine, you can say my anxiety was certainly tested. But I took comfort in the fact that he always took very careful precautions at all hours to ensure our family was safe, and helping medical professionals continue to care for their patients.

My husband, John | Our “fur”stborn Madison (Maddie) | Mason

But now on to the good stuff. The fact I get to spend SO much more time with my son and husband, more than we really have in such a long time. We take long walks, we play with LOTS of bubbles (seriously, we are like the Costco of bubbles in this house), we get to see Mason’s little personality develop more & more every minute of the day. I will say I’m personally thrilled to be able to do a nice face mask every afternoon while working, trying a new self-tanner (obsessed is an understatement), and getting some good exercise in each day.

Face Mask | Self-Tanning Drops | Self-Tanning Lotion (part of set!) | Leggings

Are there tough days? Yes!! But when I lay in bed at night I try to recount all the good things that happened that day, and that tomorrow is just another fresh start.

What We’ve Been Up To

LOTS of family walks! Mornings, afternoons, evenings. We are lucky to be able to live within walking distance of our little town, and have been supporting our favorite local restaurants with take-out! We sing a lot of songs, but usually at Mason’s request (Jingle Bells & Wheels On The Bus are top hits). Mason is loving his dot markers, puzzles, books, scooters, and identifying letters of the alphabet with corresponding animals! And bubbles. I cannot stress bubbles enough.

Oh, forgot to mention. I definitely, 100% gave myself a haircut. Yes, I am one of those people.

One of our favorite local restaurants! We love Thai food, and the owner/employees are absolutely wonderful.

My Mini Quarantine Fashion Series

I am essentially wearing the same leggings with a different top each day, but I did wear this dress the other day because the weather was so beautiful! And because, well, I love dresses


Sweatshirt | Leggings | Coat (a few years old from H&M) | Sneakers | Sunglasses


Tee (sold out, similar here from same brand) | Joggers


Jumpsuit | Sneakers (a few years old from J.Crew/New Balance, similar here) | Sunglasses

That’s my quarantine story, and I am kinda forced to stick to it! Hoping you all are staying safe, healthy and somewhat sane

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