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Orange Lobster Dunks shoe Our Favorite Crustaceans Are Back!

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If you’re looking “Orange lobsters” up, you’re either a sneakerhead or a really avid fan of water creatures. But the first is what we choose to believe because the latest rumors got us all waiting! The “rumored” Orange Lobster Dunks are allegedly making a comeback. But how much do we know about them so far? Let’s find out together along with a little recap of what CNCPTS gave sneakerheads so far! And if you wanna check out some more Dunks, the Reverse Pandas are a thing now. You can check them out here for more info!

It Was Just a Matter of Time!

It all started in 2008 when Cncpts and Nike joined hands to drop a unique but relatable pair of Dunks! However, the sneakers were so popular the brands reunited for multiple lobster colorways. If you wanna know all about the crusty collab history, you need to read this! But the most interesting thing about it is that the 2018 collab was supposed to be the last lobster. However, 4 years later, here we are getting ready for a new colorway!

Orange Lobster Dunks – The Looks

New sneakerheads probably came at the right time to witness the lobsters in all their glory! The new orange Lobster Dunks by CNCPTS feature all the classic details we know and love but in orange! The elastic claw band is here along with the bib-inspired sock liners. However, the coolest thing about them is that orange is a mashup of red and yellow. So the colorway perfectly fits with the green and purple colorways from 2018!

Release Info

So far we don’t have a specific release date. However, some rumors are saying that the kicks will drop on Black Friday 2022. That means it’s by the end of November! And that’s not all, because if previous releases are any indicators, then there will be F&F packaging. We all know what that means right? These will be worth a lot on the aftermarket!

The sneakers will probably retail for $100+, so make sure you keep a lil stash on the side for this drop! And if the previous releases are any sign, the orange Lobster Dunks will be worth every penny. So if you’re looking for a way into sneaker reselling, this will probably be the perfect chance to do it!

What Will You Need to Catch the Orange Lobster Dunks?

Okay, you’re definitely gonna need more than a lobster trap for this. What you’ll need is a good all-in-one bot to run on the CNCPTS store (Shopify). And if you wanna go all in, you can get a Nike bot and try your odds on Nike SNKRS. But whichever way you decide to go, make sure you have the right proxies. And just to be safe, make sure you check out this sneaker bot guide! It’s a great way to break your way into the botting world if you’re still new! Godspeed

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