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Vans One Piece shoe Where Are Manga & Anime Sneakerheads At?

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Every now and then, the sneaker industry gets a collaboration that reminds us how much pop culture is relevant. We all know that sneakers and music go hand in hand just like movies and kicks do! But one big part of Japanese and international pop culture is anime and manga. And what’s a better collab candidate than one of the most popular animes of all time? So if you’re a sneakerhead who happens to be an avid anime fan, you’ll want in on the upcoming Vans One Piece collab!

Intro to One Piece – A Thousand Episodes Long Journey!

At first glance, you’ll know that One Piece isn’t for the weak-hearted. It definitely needs another level of dedication to watch more than 1,000 episodes. (1,034 at the time of writing to be specific.) So the story is about Monkey D. Luffy’s quest to find the One Piece and become the king of pirates! Of course, that’s just downplaying the whole story because the One Piece is allegedly the world’s greatest treasure. And we lowkey still don’t know whether he will ever find it or not. Gotta keep watching!

What’s important to know about the anime is that people ranked it as one of anime’s GOATs. So it’s obvious why it’ll make it into the sneaker industry! And mind you, it’s not gonna be a boring collab. Because just like the awesome anime series, the upcoming One Piece Vans collab will definitely be worth your attention and time!

One Piece Vans – What Do We Know So Far?

If you’re a fan with experience, you’re not gonna have any trouble seeing the connection to the series. The upper of the Vans Authentics is a tribute to the straw hat we all grew to know and love in the last 20+ years! In addition to the straw-like upper, we have a red line going all around the kicks just like the hat. But that’s not all, because all over the upper, we have different pirate crew logos, including the Straw Hats! And rumor has it that the insoles will be co-signed by Vans and the One Piece franchise. So if you’re a fan who happens to like to collect, this has all the green flags!

So far, there is no official release info from either party, but these babies will totally be worth it! And make sure you have the right sneaker bot to cop these babies before drop day! If you wanna know more about sneaker botting, check this out. And just in case you’re looking for something new to add to your sneaker collection, we gotchu. Zion Williamson’s Jordan 1 Low Voodoo is the pair you’ll wanna add to your sneaker rotation! Godspeed

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