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Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2 shoe Simple Is Sometimes Better!

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We love simple kicks. You know, the pairs that go very hard just because of how simple they are? Well, the new Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2 collaboration is exactly that. But wait, who is she? And why should you care about this drop? Don’t fret, we’re gonna cover that and more if you keep reading. You’ll definitely want to since it’s gonna be a great follow-up to the Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 collab! So, buckle up, and let’s take a look at the new kicks.

Who’s Nina Chanel Abney?

Abney is a contemporary artist from Chicago, and she lives in New York. Her art is pretty abstract with popping colors, and it taps into all societal topics out there. From race to religion and politics, you can find it all out there. Her works are featured all around the world, and that’s exactly why she’s a great collaborative addition! Jordan Brand is all about sharing stories, and now, Nina Chanel Abney will use the Jordan 2 as her canvas. You can read all about her here.

Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2 – Simplicity Is Beauty!

Although her works are strikingly colorful, the kicks look pretty different – in a good way! The first pair, the high-top features a white leather upper with red detailing on the heels and tongue. This pair kinda reminds us of the OG Jordan 2 all the way back from 1986.

The other pair is an all-over new design and colorway, and we kinda like it! First off, it’s a very lifestyle-ish low-top Jordan 2, and it also features a white leather upper. However, the deets on the heel and tongue will come in a very cool shade of green. Moreover, both kicks will have hang tags designed by her!

Release Info

First off, these babies will be women exclusive, which is not surprising considering the artist’s style. Both kicks will drop on July 8, 2022, and will retail for $250 and $225 for the high and low top, respectively. Now they sound a bit more than your average pair of kicks, but they’ll be worth it. In fact, you can flip the highs for $372 and the lows for $396 on average. In other words, you’ll make $100+ in profit for each pair you resell!

How to Cop the Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2?

The collab will drop on Nike SNKRS and at select retailers. Now, you can get yourself a Nike bot, and try your luck on the app. But why not get an all-in-one bot and cover more ground? A sneaker bot like NSB will boost your chances on many different sites, be it Shopify, Footsites, and more! But a bot is half the work, you’ll also need good proxies and servers. And in case you’re not really into botting, check out this cool and easy botting guide. Godspeed!

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